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New @ Preposterous, ROM, A.S.S., Group Gift from Mr.Bloch & The Arcade.


Richter Hair - [BURLEY]

Falcon Skin w/ Slink - Mr.Bloch - (March Group Gift)

Chipped Matte Nails (Slink) - A.S.S. - (NEW)

Busking On Banjo - BALACLAVA!! - (The Arcade)

Unicorn Tee - Preposterous - (NEW Store)

Cloud Knit Shorts - ROM. - (NEW)

The Dirty Turkey Hunt

Here are just a few of the items found along the way in 

Glasses - Etham : 8 Bit Glasses Brown  FREE!
These come with a HUD to change the lens
shading and the size.
Nose Piercing - Aitui : Septum Ring Horseshoe  FREE!
This comes in blue and it is click to resize.
Lip Piercing - A.S.S. DeLuxe : Screwed Kiss  FREE!
Comes with a male and female version and
a HUD to change sizes and the color of the gems.
Center T Shirt and Jacket - UnderDogs
Talk Smack T Shirt, Saso's Aviator Jacket  Free!
T shirt comes in 4 sizes and the jacket comes
in 5 sizes, 5 open and 5 closed.
Right Jacket - Aitui : Frontlines Toy Soldier  FREE!
This jacket comes in 4 sizes, you can buy other
colors at the store.
Poses - Elephante : O' My Darlin' Clementine #2 and #3  FREE!

Pose Prop - Ty'd and True : Leaf Pile  Free!
This pose prop comes with 5 different poses
in it and a pop up so you can easily switch spots!

Clubbing on the edge of the world

I was at LEA1 sort of dressed for clubbing - my nipples were feeling self conscious as they peeked under the blatantly ab-pimping crop top.  However there was nobody else there at the time, and no music.  Or faint smell of despair and self loathing.  And yet I danced as if my life depended on it.

Here are some fun and well-priced releases from The Men's Department , including this skin from Kooqla, glasses from Kumaki style, shorts from FAD and hair from Uncle Web.

The crop top is an upcoming release from A.S.S which will be at Boys of Summer, starting from 8 July!


SKIN [KOOQLA] ~ River ~ (Silver) dark brows  at The Men's Department
HAIR   David-Hair  at The Men's Department
EYES Poetic Colours

VISOR CheerNo (old TMD Item I think)
GLASSES Sousa from K_gs at The Men's Department
CROP TOP A:S:S - Showoff crop shirt at Boys at Summer (from 8 July!)
SHORTS :{F.A.D.}:  Heft Cargo Shorts at The Men's Department
LEGGINGS Gawk! Patchy Cotton Leggings

PIERCING Achilleus from Gabriel (freebie group gift)


Potatoes of the Night – the most important band in history

(This may be a longish one...)

I'm delighted to share with you some content from an interview with Regencia Jellyspoon, the last surviving member of the area of music that is widely considered to be the most important and influential that there ever was or will be at any time.  Ever: the musical mega-movement known as "The New Cornish Seep"

"Not a lot of these bands were actually from Cornwall, but they all took the rhythms of is Celtic heart and made them unique. The sad thing is that a lot of us were only around for a relatively short period of time, I cannot even begin to imagine the effect on music today if we had all made more albums"  He grunted happily, as I caught him between costume changes at his solo show.

"I began as keyboard/keytar and tambla player for Potatoes of the Night -  we were a beat combo from Falmouth.  Our 1987 concept album "Not just a Carbohydrate" was before its time, and we good great airplay for "Aloo Aloo Aloo" which was about a potato police force on the subcontinent.

"Yeah, that song went global" says Regencia "and from that start, I set up Killer Leeks on marimba with some guys from Malmö - which some consider to be a rip off in that we focussed on leeks rather than potatoes.  Other bands took our vibe and, well, made them less vegetable-centric, like Nagano Project who actually only ever mimed, without any sound at all.  Very cool, if a bit on the quiet side"

"In 1988, the Sparklej*zz song "Wipe me up" made #3 on the Billboard Chart, but they were banned from Top of the Pops for obvious reasons."

New Cornish Seep sadly ended with a huge festival involving all the bands in the movement, including Blatant Dancer, Darkness of the Vector, and others which took place on an oil platform in the North Sea.  Sadly there was a logistical issue with the transport, and nobody could remember where the platform was at the end of the festival.

"Yeah" says Regencia who missed the oil platform gig "I like to think that somewhere out there, those guys are still making music.  If so, there are some lucky fish out there"

A.S.S have released a whole range of T-Shirts and blazer combos devoted to these deeply important bands.
They can be worn with or without the blazer, and also have a separate tie available to buy.
To own your piece of rock history, go now, before the cops come!

SKIN FRUK Knox skin shade 3 - The Gent - black bald
EYES [Crash Republic] Candi MESH Eyes - Chocolate

HAIR Stripe 3 Hairbase by Kmadd / Mad Designs
JACKET/TSHIRT A:S:S - Bootleg T-shirt & Blazer - "Potatoes of the Night"
PANTS .:villena:. - tucked up jeans M/S burgundy at The Men's Dept

BOOTS Tabloid . REBOUND boots at The Men's Dept
GLOVES DECO - MESH Gentleman's Gloves at The Men's Dept
KEYTAR .:Standby Inc. - World Tour - Keytar [Shiro] (Wear) at The Arcade
NECKLACE Vintage Portrait Necklace - Cha-Cha by Nylon Outfitters at The Arcade

EYEPATCH *:..Silvery K.EyePatch at the Gravis Beach gatcha
HAT {Sleepy Eddy} Adventure Hat (Hickory) RARE at The Arcade

T SHIRT A:S:S - Bootleg T-shirt - Potatoes of the Night [L]
PANTS AMERIE M - Rollup pants at The Men's Dept
NECKLACE etham - Royal Cross Necklace at The Men's Dept
HAIR Exile::Hey Man Nice Shot at The Men's Dept

GUITAR .:Standby Inc. - World Tour - Classical Guitar [Floral] at The Arcade

Some of the POSES by Poseology at The Men's Dept
Some by Adorkable
Some from my AO....just....sorry I was too excited.

Prettiness from MOH3.

I still like my regular shape - it makes me feel odd to slip on something that someone else made that changes my whole face.

I put together this outfit to highlight this really nice bit of work from A.S.S.  I can't say that I would wear this in RL mainly as I eat like a bit of a kid and it would just get full of rice.

SKIN Preston by Kento
SHAPE ::JLB:: Body & Shape - Jon - Tall for MOH3
HAIR Wave Shaved  double Side Design Black by Unorthodox for MOH3
TATTOO :Para Designs:: Rockabilly Black Light Tattoo for MOH3
EYES Poetic Colours

SHIRT [R3] Music Josh Shirt [MOH] L by Revolt for MOH3
SHORTS Spirit Store - Moya rigged mesh shorts for MOH3

FACIAL PIERCING A:S:S deLuxe - Mirth & Steel (male)
NECKLACE 22769 ~Wooden Balls Necklace Black

POSE by Saal for MOH3

I just Love Cats so Much.

Sorry, but it's true.  And here's a sad story about a cat and a way to help him.

Alli the Cat

Yes I know that many people are suffering in the world, but I happen to want to do something right now to help this particular cat.  Don't judge me for my choice, because it allowed me to dress up like this (borrowing the clothes from a friend - I LOVE that Bare Rose stuff is transferable!)

LM to buy the items

SKIN .la petite morte. wixson For Alli
FACE TATTOO .la petite morte. cat face makeup & teeth tattoo
HAIR by Dura (B&G 38)
GLITTER Glam Rock by A.S.S

OUTFIT by Bare Rose

Vision in red

Another great release from Aitui with this top / skinny scarf combo. I have no idea what all the names mean, though. Also these mesh eyes from A.S.S that I wanted in red tone to match my pants and hair, as yesterday was Red = Day (I didn't actually do the meme, but the thought was there).  The pic above is supposed to represent the quest for equality.  Or being stuck in a corner.  One of those.


I wandered through various Church type sims in SL, not trying to be too much of a kn*b I only went to take pics at churches that made a point about being inclusive to all regardless of their sexual orientation.  There were a couple, one run by a RL pastor I believe.  This does give me a bit of hope, but often I feel that religious belief (at least in its organized form) is founded on the concept of exclusion rather than inclusivity.  I feel that I am spiritual but completely turned off by people who don't want me in their club; I don't aspire to belong anywhere except on my own terms.

I see much lament on social media from like-minded (i.e. more liberal) people about the sometimes puzzling hypocricies (as we see them) of the "Christian Right": "Pro-gun", "Anti-benefits" etc but also calling themselves "Pro-Life" (which by the way is a great bit of branding for anti-abortion activities).  My feeling is that protecting human dignity should extend beyond the time in the womb "Okay - we got you out of there, now you are on your own.  The gun shop is at the end of that street. Have a great day."

The point about dignity extends to equal opportunities for marriage.  Please remember the casting the first stone thing?  You can't cherry pick from the bible and only go with the bits that exlude people who you don't understand or you find threatening.  Here endeth my rant.

SKIN Preston by Kento
HAIR ::Exile:: Days Go By:Sunset
EYES Vision by A:S:S - Quinn - Hiller natural (R)
EYELINER Love-In-Idleness

PANTS ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Woven pants red/pants
SHOES PURF - TurboSS SOLID from Soho Sample sale

TOP POSE by Magpie / others from AKEYO AO

Pinky Snowboy

Yeah the title. Doesn't really. Mean anything. Sorry about that.

However as it is nearly Christmas here is a Haiku about a badger falling in love with a tub of margarine:

Badger crumpet love
Holes fill with yellow sap. He
can’t believe it’s not

This will most likely be my last blog of 2012 as I will soon be heading East. It's been a wild ride hasn't it?  We've had nadirs of pain and sorrow but also such zeniths of ecstasy that I know not how to describe it.  Take care and don't eat any wooden turkeys.

SKIN  [Coffee] Shasha Pink from : ) BCC.
HAIR Zayn (Karafuru tone 09) from [taketomi]
HAIRBASE  ::Exile:
EYES .Insufferable Dastard. Two-Tone Eyes - Pink/Violet
LIPS Parted lips 1 by Tuli
LASHES MeshLashes Simple from [CheerNo outlet]

NAILS Pink Flower- nail art by [theSkinnery]

TOP Mesh Boho top - dip-dye 5 from A:S:S
PANTS Cargo Pants - Beige from Hoorenbeek (comes as ever with lots of wear options + loads of belts!)
SHOES UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

BAG by Switch (it's the bag that the NYC hunt boots I blogged recently come in...mesh and kinda cool NYC sim is here)

POSES from a new store in Boystown called Poseology
Top pose was 25L and the one in the other pics is a group gift

This girl really likes "sorting fish".  Just saying.

A little bit Idle

I did a few shots with me scowling and looking kind of like Billy Idol...but I think I looked more like Eric Idle in the end so I took them out.

Life is always heightened by any kind of compliment.  As a blogger who hardly ever approaches designers to ask for review copies I tend to rely on someone actually seeing my blog and liking it.  This has happened a few times and really makes me delighted.

I am wearing a few items of particular note today.... Firstly the jeans from Ladies who Lunch / LWL which I didn't really photo too much the last time I mentioned them.  They are in the With Love Hunt - go get them.

The skin is from Diamondz Beauty, which is a new brand to me.  It's called "Gianni"  and it made me go more glam although looking at their store's offerings this isn't really just what they do.  I will do some close up shots soon as I like the way I look in it - a bit reminiscent of some skins by Akeruka maybe?

The hair is from Taketomi (which was part of Burley and now is back as a separate brand but within the Burley collaborative group. Or something.) Anyway they have some fun men's cuts - I felt like buying my first colour hairpack so did so.  This is an interesting one as it comes with + without a mesh hair layer (not a tattoo layer) which gives extra depth to the hair.

The boots are from Monso, which is one of my big fanboy brands and available (unisex) at Collabor8. A must have.

SKIN by -diamondzB. - Gianni - Sunkissed tone
HAIR [taketomi]_Zayn_WithMeshBase_Karafuru01
EYES - Poetic Colours Snow light @ The Men's Dept
MAKEUP A:S:S - Glam-rock-glitter - blue *See below
GUYLINER ~Blacklace Beauty~ Guyliner With Eye Shading
LASHES [CheerNo] MeshLashes Simple (in 25L sale)
VEST :SEY Gilet(animal)
JEANS [LWL] Henninger Jeans cuff M (with <3)
BOOTS [monso] My Combat Ankle Boots - Red at Collabor8

NIPPLE PIERCING - .HoD. - Lustful Piercing - Scorpion - Silver Lining
RING Silvery K.:*Silver Star Ring_(R hand)
BELLY PIERCING ::GB::Achilleus Belly pierce
BELT [MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/Brown(silver)

* There is a Rainbow Sale on at A.S.S. with different coloured items on 50% depending on the day.  It's green righ now.....I picked up some yellow undercrackers today but want some of their glam jewellery.


Today I needed a little peace while I worked. The week has been a tough but that’s life and you deal because it could be worse. So, I accept the silver lining and with that I bring you the feature for today. An outfit sure to be a great addition to your wardrobe and priced just right. The 49L Sale for Dudes is quite impressive. If you haven’t taken a look at the cool items for sale then get to it. No excuses mates! Often we complain of limited events catered to us, so here you are. Cheers!
Eyes by: A:S:S – Enaid Duo in Cappuchino (49L Sale for Dudes)
Hair & Hat by: Atro Patena – Kevin in Black (49L Sale for Dudes)
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs – Amico w/ Black & White Mesh Shirt & Jeans (49L Sale for Dudes)
Shoes by: DUH! – The Autumn Effect (TAE) Hunt Gift #21
Bracelets by: .:CoLLisions:. – Hypnotica (49L Sale for Dudes)
Necklace by: .:CoLLisions:. – Hypnotica (49L Sale for Dudes)
More Details:
49L Sale for Dudes ends Saturday, Sept 29th! Plenty of time to check it out TODAY!