Time Of The Season

I wanted to take a few moments for some words, and to send some wishes. Today I have been running around like a crazy person, because I will be picking my mother up from the airport in about two hours. Talk about sneaking a blog post in last minute! Around October, I called my mother up in Texas, and made a bold statement. I told her I was done with holidays and wanted to cancel them for myself. Now, you don'/t know my mother. Growing up, our house was THAT house...mega decorations...lit up to where I am sure NASA could see it from space. After Xmas, my parents reveled in the chance to buy more decorations when the sales hit. The house was an Xmas biohazard inside and out. As a family though...this was a good thing. We didn'/t have alot of money. My parents spent the whole year finding sales and grabbing up little things for us to unwrap. It was truly the happiest time of year.
When my father passed away it changed for my mother. I didn't understand it. Xmas was over forever I thought. Really she just needed time to mourn the loss of the love of her life. It was temporary. A few years later the holiday was back on, but not the same. Moderate decorations happened. It was just enough to be pretty. My mom remarried, and there was joy back in her heart. She had become wealthy due to her own hard work at a successful business. Her new husband had two high school aged sons at the time. I then understood the meaning of Xmas for her. I was a young adult working on a career, and being moved all over the world. However, I always did my best to get back home for the holidays. She was happiest having my brother and I under the same roof for the celebration.
Three years ago, we had our last Xmas with my brother. We all knew it was the last one, and it was incredibly gut wrenching. I have experienced great losses in my life, but none have sucked the spirit out of me like the loss of Ray. To this day, it still just kills a piece of me a little at a time. Last year was our first without him. As I stood in my mother'/s home amongst her husband's family, I knew I didn't belong anymore. I was done with it. So, when I told my mom this year that it was canceled for me, she understood. However, she gave me the best gift she could by flying to California to spend a few days with me. I can't wait to see her.
Now that is out of my system, I want to say to the ones I love (You know who you are):
Your friendship is an incredible gift that you give all year long. We may never meet face to face, but in my heart, it does not diminish the connection. I adore you. I hope your holidays are the happiest time of year. ♥Trip
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