Ain’t gon’ say no names, probably lookin’ for me


No Pressure_003


Hoppin’ out foreign cars, 40 deep
Hundred thou’ blowin’ that in AOD
And that’s why I’m the best, f*** with me
‘Cause a n**** flip flop like he standin’ on the beach
Hoppin’ up stage, got my diamonds, dirty dancin’
You know I work dirty, got ’em higher than a parasail
Tell my other b**** I’m on my other b****, yeah
I just do that s**t to make my other bi**h jealous
Brodie in the kitchen and then he whippin’ up the dressin’
Every time you call, I be like, look, lil hoe, don’t stress me
You know I tuck the 9, like a m**********n’ ferris wheel
You want it? You can get it if you wanna learn your lesson


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