I Blog…Therefore I Am

Never have I ever participated in a blogging challenge...until today!
How long have you been blogging or vlogging about Second Life?  My first blog post happened on January 07, 2017. That means I am a total noob to this blogging thing! I would do the math for you in months, but I am eating pizza at the moment and would need both hands to count.
Why did you start blogging or vlogging?  It seemed like a completely natural thing to do since I was hitting every event, and spending way too many lindens in the process. Plus, I enjoy writing . Blogging allowed me some creative expression.
How many times a week/month do you post? It really varies. If I am not feeling inspired, it might be twice a week. Sometimes it is twice a day! My activity during the week hinges mostly on how tired I am from work.
Do you keep track of how many hits or subscribers you have?  Not really. I had to figure out my traffic once when I applied to blog for a particular brand. I was really shocked that there were that many people interested in what I had to say. I have not checked my analytics since then.
Which electronic devices do you use to blog/vlog with? I must be old school, because I use my monster desktop. I hate laptops, and I hate phones even more. My desktop is on steroids and I have two high definition screens. It is really comfortable for me.
Do you monetize your blog or vlogs?  Not at all. I guess receiving items could count as a form of money in Second Life, but no one is sending me checks...that is for sure. I think getting paid would feel a bit dirty for me. Blogging isn't work for me.
What has Second life blogging or vlogging taught you? For sure, it has taught me that I can always do better. I can look at my first photo and see such a change. It has helped me with time management skills. I don't miss deadlines.
Do you feel like Second Life blogging or vlogging takes away from your real life? No, because I have just moved to a new state, and I don't know anyone here anyways. Most of my SL friends are Euro, so I hang out on the weekend during my morning then use the rest of my day to do other things.
Do you have a mission statement for your blog or vlog, if so, what is it? There is no official mission statement. Really I just like to make some pictures and express my thoughts. Maybe someone gets something out of it, or maybe they don't. I am selfish I guess. My blog is mostly for me.
Share your top 3 tips for new bloggers/vloggers. Don't stress over Sponsors...if you build it, they will come. Filter criticism effectively - build on what improves your skill and throw away the rest. Be humble and gracious.
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