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Look # 205

**Allan male tops - Exclusive item - HME - Hipster Men's Event
Versions: Signature, Slink and TMP
📸Tableau Vivant
**Late hair - Exclusive item - Men Only Monthly
Combed hairbase (Signature, Catwa, TMP and Omega)
**Mjollnir Necklace - Exclusive item - Men Only Monthly
With 3 Metal options, 3 Cords options, Unrigged, XYZ-Resizer
📸7 Deadly s[K]ins
**Omega face - JAGER caramel noHB
**Omega Body Applier - SMOOTH Caramel
📸A&D Clothing
**Shoes - Seattle
Versions: Classic avatars, Slink, TMP and Signature
**Diego Pants
With colour change Hud - Versions: Classic, Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, TMP and Signature

1445 TRoY

Ace Of All Men



Mask- 11**UbS** Real Gas Mask Gacha (Man) Rare @ The Nightmare Event New Coming Soon

Eyes- NOX. Arachnophobia Hunt Gift [Nightmare] @  The Nightmare Event New Coming Soon

Face- OLQINU : antic amulet <single [dead]> (Gacha) @ Caderu 2017 Halloween Event

Ears- ^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ear @ ^^Swallow^^

Shroud- .Shi : Hesed Neck Warmer {Mystic} @ Shi.

Body Tattoo-  TAOX – Viking Helvegen @ MOM

Pants- :::Breath:::Bsarroutan (A) @ HME

Gloves- 7.::GB::fingers less knit gloves / Black  @ PocketGacha

Claws-  [CX] Salient Talons @ Project 7 New

Cards- Dead Dollz – Spinning Cards (Gacha)


Special Thanks To…

**UrbanStreet**  [CX]   TAOX  MOM   :::Breath:::   HME   GABRIEL






Backdrop: FOXCITY. – Photo Booth – Lucky Lounge- @ FOXCITY. September 30th – October 30th
Mainstore – FOXCITY.

Pose: WRONG & The Owl. Static Male Poses #4 @ WRONG & The Owl. September 13th – October 6th
Mainstore – WRONG & The Owl.

Head: CATWA – Daniel Bento Mesh Head @ mainstore CATWA

Skin: Stray Dog – Yori (Tone 4) @ mainstore Stray Dog

Tattoo: DAPPA – DesJeus Tattoo @ The Project Se7en September 30th – October 30th
Mainstore – DAPPA

Head Tattoo: .ARISE. Head Tattoo/4 (Life Goes On) @ Men Only Monthly September 20th – October 15th
Mainstore – .ARISE.

Ears: E.A.Studio – Ears Gunner @ Men Only Monthly September 20th – October 15th
Mainstore – E.A.Studio

Lip Piercing: GABRIEL – Lip piercing (Catwa Daniel) 6 Black Gacha @ mainstore GABRIEL

Nose Pierced: [CX] – Pierced Septum (Black) Group Gift @ mainstore [CX]

Earring: [CX] – Nailed It Group Gift @ mainstore [CX]

Ring: [CX] Cvlt Ring (Group Gift) @ mainstore [CX]

Glasses: MINIMAL – Jira Glasses (Silver) @ The Project Se7en September 30th – October 30th
Mainstore – MINIMAL

Hair: [BAD HAIR DAY] Kalon (Blondes) @ mainstore [BAD HAIR DAY]

Cigarette: [NikotiN] – Classic Cigarette – Nextgen @ mainstore [NikotiN]

Gloves: GABRIEL – Fingers Less Knit Gloves (Grey) Urban Town Outfit Pocket Gacha SEPT @ Pocket Gacha

Jeans: Legal Insanity – Dirk Jeans @ Men Only Monthly September 20th – October 15th
Mainstore – Legal Insanity




-Nivaro- ‘Alex’ Catwa Appliers @ GG October

-Nivaro- 'Alex' Catwa Appliers @ GG October-Nivaro- Alex Catwa GG Gift

@ The Gacha Guardians

Handsome Alex is down at the Gacha guardians, scarred, slashed brows, painted, bearded, all sorts of options.

12 commons, 3 rares.

Also available are these two gifts:

Tp here to the stall: Gacha Productions/51/141/1462


HAIR/ *~*Damselfly*~*Hitch Non-Rigged Mesh
JACKET/ ::GB:: Riders Jk open hoodie (Black) A /NEW!/@UBER!
PANTS/ REPRESENT x SEMLLER – Track Pants “Gianni, Blk”

HAIR/ *~*Damselfly*~*Hitch Non-Rigged Mesh
SHIRT/ . offbeat . blossom yourself : Sakura Shirts (m) Pink Rare /NEW!/!
PANTS/ ISON MAN – basic denim skinny – (sky)

The Shadow Realm

DRD has released a subscription box but it may be a little different than the other sub boxes out there. All the items are made by DRD so for one you know it’s all going to be quality. You get 6 shadow boxes to a series and a bonus if you purchase all 6. You get a box every month with a different theme or room. This month it was the living room! Within each box you get a ‘dark’ set and a ‘light’ set. It’s like good versus evil with creepy versus pretty. If you’re still confused check out the website with ALL the details including how to subscribe. If you missed the September Shadow Box you can pay more and still get it or you can pre-order the October Shadow Box before it delivers on the 1st of every month!

  • Armchair: DRD – Series 01 – September 2017 – Armchair – Dark
  • Table:  DRD – Series 01 – September 2017 – Coffee Table – Dark
  • Couch:  DRD – Series 01 – September 2017 – Velvet Couch – Dark
  • CabinetDRD – Series 01 – September 2017 – Doll Cabinet – Dark
  • Piano:  DRD – Series 01 – September 2017 – Upright Piano – Dark
  • Shelf:  DRD – Series 01 – September 2017 – Clock Shelf – Dark
  • Curtain: KKs – Flying curtain
  • Dolls:  DRD – Series 01 – September 2017 – Part of the doll cabinet (modified)


Pray Tomorrow Gets Me Higher

I love posemakers...truly! As a "blogger", the poses really make the shot. In my process it is what I start with as a foundation for the scene. Plus, I personally don't know how to make anything in Second Life. Without the pose makers, my photos would feature me standing like a noob in, or on, someone's awesome creation. I don't think the posemakers in our virtual world get enough credit.
So on the topic of posemakers, one of my absolute favorites is back in a big way! RK Poses has been reborn, and I cannot describe how thrilled I am without coming off as fangirling...but really, I am a fan. There is something really special when two creators collaborate, but it becomes amazing when the two are connected. This is what you get when you put Nutmeg and RK poses together. You are getting the best from both creators.

-Labyrinth- Dragon Necklace @ Gacha Guardians October

-Labyrinth- Dragon Necklace @ Gacha Guardians October.jpg-Labyrinth- Dragon Necklace @ GG Gift October

@ The Gacha Guardians Starts 1st October.

Another fantastical round at the gacha guardians. Real dragons that wrap right around your neck like a loyal stunning pet.

10 stunning commons, 3 even more stunning patterned rares.

And then two gifts where every 15 pulls players will get one of two GoG from that machine sent to them.

Teleport to Labyrinth’s stand here: Gacha Productions/83/194/146


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