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++ Don’t want to let you down but I am hell bound, though this is all for you, don’t want to hide the truth ++



Skin – Fruk – Bennett

Ears – Mandala – Stretched Ears Omimi

Facial Hair – Unorthodox – Full Beard 

Tattoo – Identity Body Shop – The Hustler


Helmet – Equinox – Moros Helmet TALES OF FANTASY!!!! Starts Junes 1oth

Tunic – Peqe – Arabian Tunic

Pants – The Forge – Bran Pants

Armor – The Forge – Daerwen Armor

Upper Arm Armor – PFC – Olympus Set TALES OF FANTASY!!!! Starts Junes 1oth

Boots – Lightstar – Assasin Boots

Sash – Snatched – Rarius Treve


Face Piercings – Pekka – Storm

Oh Darlin’ What Have I Done?

++ Ooooh, I hear what the neighbors say, that that poor boy has lost his way ++

Oh Darlin' What Have I Done


Skin – Fruk – Bennett

Hair – Argrace – Arata

Ears – Mandala – Stretched Ears Omimi

Facial Hair – Unorthodox – Full Beard 

Tattoo – Identity Body Shop – The Hustler

Hip Tattoo – Aitui – Upper Hipstars


Pants – Shi Homme – Drape Bermuda V2

Armor – The Forge – Daerwen Armor

Greaves – PFC – Olympus Set TALES OF FANTASY!!!! Starts Junes 1oth

Sandals – OAL – Walker Sandals

Chest Strap – DPD – Weapons Harness II

Quiver – PFC – Furry Quiver

Arm Sleeves – Shi – Sleeve

Belt – PFC – Role Belt – Jailer

Weapon – LR Weapons – Black Hawk


Face Piercings – Pekka – Storm

Necklace – Mandala – Ero- Sensei Necklace

Hip Piercings – Puncture – Dermal Spikes Hips

humpmuffin: kieralykawaii: lemon-club: This is  very cliche…




This is  very cliche ^^;.. and never thought making one of these but seems useful when there aren’t many Tumblr Blogs dedicated at least 90% to Second Life!

So.. Let’s make friends everyone!, Please feel free to reblog, or at least “like” the picture if you play Second Life! <3

I’ve reblogged before but I’ll do it again <3


Happiness & Mayhem – Sorgo Masks




Hair: ILLMATIC :: Frenchie – Jessica
Sweater: ! NERD:P CARDI010 and TEE023 [Mens dept]
Pants: *chronokit* Slim Pants Denim Black
Shoes: [monso] My Fancy Slip On [Mens Dept]
Strapback: Alright – NY Strapback – Marketplace
Chain: * S O R G O – KUSTOM9 / April2014

The MASKS also includes cloaks obviously didn’t wear it because they would have been a whole different post. Lmao coming sunday June 1st 2014 at the ARCADE


#42 – Illuminated – Featuring Epia

This isn't exactly a blogpost but rather an attempt at making new avatar portrait, but I was wearing a sweet coat from Epia and I was thinking I might as well blog this :) This is a customizable coat with color options for both coat and scarf, and also the scarf is optional. Do quickly check out The Mens Dept where this is being released!

Style Card

Outfit Epia Candy Coat (The Mens Dept)

Skin TheSkinShop Hunter
Hair Taketomi Jirou
Hair Base Lanevo Hairbase
Eyes Fate FATEeyes v2.0

Tigers & Triangles Skin: Martin: T3 Dark Brows – Clef de…

Tigers & Triangles

Skin: Martin: T3 Dark Brows - Clef de Peau 

Hairbase: Midnight Black - Entente 

Hair: Boys & Girls 50 (black) - Dura   

Facial Hair: Face Fuzz - Heavy Stubble - Fruk 

Tattoo:  Ocean Moon - Sleepy Bozer 

Glasses: Beatdown Hipster Glasses - Cargo   

Guages: Gauged Earring - Cobrahive 

Ring: Boombox Ring - [aberrant]     

Bowtie: Pythagorean Bowtie - The Dapper Slacker 

Shirt:  Tiger Headdress Button-Up - The Dapper Slacker   

Pants: Casual Pants (Ivory) - DROP.   

Shoes:  My Fancy Slip On - [monso]   

Urban Cowboy Skin: Martin: T3 Dark Brows – Clef de…

Urban Cowboy

Skin: Martin: T3 Dark Brows - Clef de Peau 

Hairbase: Midnight Black - Entente    

Facial Hair: Face Fuzz - Heavy Stubble - Fruk  

Body Hair:  Body Hair-01 - ::dmb:: & Happy Trail body hair -Fruk   

Cowboy Hat: Straw Cowboy Hat - Riders (freeee) 

Necklace: Shane Necklace - Kosh     

Bracelet: Mic Bracelet - Kosh    

Guages: Gauged Earring - Cobrahive 

Undershirt: Plain Tank - Aitui     

Shirt: Islander Shirt - DECO   

Shorts:  Morbeck Shorts Brown 2 - flow.     

Socks: Striped Sock (khaki & grey) - Entente 


++ I’m over niggas sayin they the hottest niggas then run to the hottest niggas just to stay hot ++

So today I was in the hunt for a new tattoo and I went to My personal favorite spot for tattoos, Identity Body Shop. I was never big on the whole mesh tattoo craze but my god did they do it right. Check out this one arm sleeve, it is beautiful. Anyways I loved it so much I had to show it off, sorry for the skin show.



Skin – Fruk – Bennett

Hairbase – Aitui – Etched Hair Base The Mens Dept.

Hair – Boon – GAS760

Ears – Mandala – Stretched Ears Omimi

Facial Hair – Unorthodox – Full Beard 

Tattoo – Identity Body Shop – Into Darkness

Hip Tattoo – Aitui – Upper Hipstars


Pants – Chronokit – Parachute Sarouel Pants

Boots – Gos – Triumph Boots


Face Piercings – Pekka – Storm

Necklace – Mandala – Ero- Sensei Necklace

Hip Piercings – Puncture – Dermal Spikes Hips

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

++ … Whole lotta money in a black bag, black strap you know what that’s for ++

And then to finish up the post of my current house. Taiinted and Stef decided to bomb into the photo so I just kept it and the whole pic with Taiinted gave it a nice lil Bonnie and Clyde feel to it.

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

Skybox – Not so Bad – Soho Loft

Table – Meshworx – Factory Table

Large Assault Rifle – Breach – Scar

Bag and money stacks – Sorgo – Gacha

Big Chair – Trompe Loeil – Kings Chair

Smaller Chairs – Trompe Loeil – Louis Chair

Curtain – Bazar – Toronto Living Room

Sexy Bitch in the lap – Taiinted

Sexy Bitch to the side – Stef

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

Drugs Sign – 7 – Pharmacy Sign

Wall Light – 7 – Wall Bulb

Map – Pilot – Traveler’s Map

Rug – Fanatik – Era Kilim

Fan – Apple Fall – L’Air Frais

Pool Sign – 7 – Gacha

Burger on Table – Pilot – Burger Meal

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

Moose Head – Floorplan – Oh Deer Wall

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt. 2

Bed – Pixel Mode – Derby Bed

Safe – Pilot – Old Safe Table

Shelf – Pilot – Haywood Pipe Shelf

Dresser – Pilot – Miller Dresser

Wall Print – Floorplan – Dictionary Prints

Rug – Fanatik – Home Rug

Corner Piece – Stockholm & Lima – The Corner

Who Gon Stop Me? pt 1

++ Black Cards, black cars, black on black, black broads… ++

So I wanted to do a new decor post so here it is! A little elf friend of mine decided to ninja all my shit but its kay cause I still love her. Here is a link to her post with some of the stuff from this photo.

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt 1

Skybox – Not so Bad – Soho Loft

Wall Letters – 7 – $ Marquee and Letter Marquee

Desk – Standby Inc – Akira Desk

Stool – Cheeky Pea – Salty Bar Stool

Shelving – Apple Fall – Construct Shelving

Rolled up Papers on Shelf – Pilot – Rolled Paper Rack

Stone Tablet – Apple Fall – Acanthus Fragment

Lounging Couch – Lame – Bobby’s Daybed

Plant on Top Shelf – Floorplan – Boho Ivy Planter

Speed bag – Standby Inc – Lee Speedbag

Rug – Fanatik – Era Kilim Rug

Bench Press and other weights – Pilot – Weight Bench

Punching Bag – Standby Inc – Marshall Bag

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt 1

Crates – 7 – Lab Crates

Skateboard Rack – Avoid – Skateboard Deck Display

Hanging Chairs – Pilot – Larkin Set

Painting Rack – Apple Fall – Canvas Rack

Table – Lame – Kyle’s Table

Large Photo Frame – Apple Fall – Deer Frame

Who Gon Stop Me? Pt 1

Sofa – Stockholm and Lima – Lovers Pallet Sofa

Side Table – Floorplan – Record Shelf

Acoustic Foam – Mad Mesh – Acoustic Pyramid Foam Panel