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– Winter is Coming –

And with it, the Arcade events!
I seriously can’t wait until it opens on December 1st.
So before I write this post, just gotta say that I’m sorry for not blogging for so long and the reason is following.

I’ve been learning how to create 3D models from two of my friends and have been extremely busy with it (learning curve was so damn high for me). I still got a lot to learn, but the basics are there.
I’d like to thank Anya and Sue for teaching me and to my wife for being understanding and patient as it took a large chunk of our RL. Thank you guys!

For this post, I’m bringing you a few previews of December’s round of the Arcade and a brand new low Cuttlerz shoes from 2Real Footwear.
As for the Arcade, I gotta tell you guys, you’ll be mind-blown by all of the new items that are about to hit December. To get a little insight of what I’m talking about, click here.
As for the shoes, 2Real really sets out a high standard on mesh sneakers. Seriously, from the model, to the texturing and the HUD (7 patterns, 14 colors and 2 laces style, all of them able to mix and match). Without saying much more, I’ll let you guys decide.

-Shown in Photos-

Pose: Custom by Me

Hair: -Entente- Laurent Hair – Brown

Shirt: FATEwear Shirt – Roger – London (Undershirt Tundra)

Pants & Belt: RONSEM* Straight Jeans / jetblack

Gloves: FATEwear Gloves – Dexter – London


Scarf: FATEwear Scarf – Weasley – Gryffindor [Available Dec. 1st @ the Arcade]

Satchel: The Secret Store – Tiny Satchel – Angry Owl (RARE) [Available Dec. 1st @ the Arcade]

Necklace: PIDIDDLE – My Special Treasures – A Butterfly [Available Dec. 1st @ the Arcade]

Clock: Sway’s [Spirit] Pendulum Clock – Christmas [Available Dec. 1st @ the Arcade]

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~ The Aviator ~

FATEwear came up with a new release of clothes, perfect for these autumn days!
Today I’m wearing denim jacket with fleece interior lining and their new line of scarves called Harry. 1 Harry scarf color pack includes 6 (!) versions of wearing options and comes in 10 (!) sizes, so you can easily adjust to any other clothes you desire to wear them with.
To complement my aviator look, I’ve put on Aviator glasses from Emery, low rise chinos from Armidi and these really cool boots from Miel (come in female sizes as well) that are highly customizable to fit (sculpted boots). They also include a recoloring system to change various textures (socks, boot, laces, leather, bottom).

James Jacket in all colors

Harry Scarves – Color Chart

P.S. I really, really like my posts to be with a theme. That’s why it sometimes takes me a while to get the blog post done. When I do a plain post, believe me, I was in a rush, or I was rushed to post.
For the theme I usually choose, I have to find the appropriate location, props and finally a pose (that I custom create for the purpose of the post). Angle of the shot and the lighting contribute a great deal and are of the essence to capture a perfect moment and present the clothes I blog about. So please bare with me, because I believe that it’s quality posts and photos what my readers and featured designers deserve.

-Shown in Photos-

Custom by Me

-Entente- Laurent Hair – Brown

FATEwear Scarf – Harry – Quagmire

FATEwear Jacket James – Quagmire

Schaudenfraude Button-Up – Ivory

FATEwear Willard Suit Tie – Void

Armidi – Low Rise Chinos – Beige

:SEY Double-Hole Belt_A (plain)

FATEwear Gloves – Dexter – London

MIEL – Timber Boots – Natural

Emery – Sunglasses Aviator (Gold Frames)

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~ Varsity ~

Well, it seems I’m addicted to another kind of clothing. Varsity jackets!
I don’t know why, but I simply love the casual look behind them. This one comes from Love Re Me (hoodie included) and it’s going to be available @ The Mens Department on November 5th.
There’s several options to purchase and choose from, both plain and patterned. Other than that, Today, I’m bringing you a new mesh belt from :Sey that you can get for 30% off in the :Sey mainstore for group members (Valid through 4th November, 2012).
There’s 3 types of belts and each includes a plain version and a desired pattern you buy (HUD).
The belt itself is modifiable on every axis, so there shouldn’t be any problems with adjusting for your size.

::eXpression:: Poses – Dual Swords

*Aotreo* Sid – ChocolateT2

Jacket and Hoodie:
[LOVE RE ME] – Letter Jacket (M)(S)Indigo Plain @ Mens Department on Nov, 5th

Super Kingdom – Jeans 02 – Under: Anthro M

2REAL - Cuttlerz Sneakers

:SEY – Double-Hole Belt_A (plain)

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