Monthly Archives: September 2012

"Missing You"

Shorts: +Grasp+ Cargo Sarrouel Shorts 
Shoes: 2REAL E-Wings Shoes
Headphone: Def! Beats Headphones
Poses: HISpose Emo Leans

Guess what I'm listening, another song I'm LSS to...  :)

"Athletic Guy"

      Wassup guys?! I want to share to you new awesome stuffs that I so like especially my new shoes that looks so real plus awesome style! Oh yeah! :D

Shoes: 2REAL E-Wings Shoes

[VM] Vero Modero Fall Suits

     For Fall, [VM] VERO MODERO MESH MENSWEAR labels is pushing more men’s suits  with a brighter look.  Soft colors and a flattering cut put our casual button-downs in a league of their own.

     Fall Suits for Men Take a Brighter Turn...

[VM] Vero Modero Mehmet Mesh

"Mr. Acoustic"

     Hello guys! I'm so into music these past few days so I decided to style myself like an acoustic singer, ha ha ha... And to show you a new release... Hope you all like it....

Styling Card:

Shirt and Vest: :SEY Vest + Shirt (New Release)
Pants: <Kal Rau> Blue Jeans
Belt: *Chronokit* Belt 02
Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots
Guitar and pose: HISpose guitar

And here is one of the songs I'm LSS to... Enjoy!

"The fighter…. is back!"

     Hello sexy people! I've missed you all so much and I miss blogging for you all... I've been a month gone, but this one I promise... I'm back and that's for sure! Thank you for all the support, even I was gone I got more page views; it is so appreciated! And ohh, it's my blogs' 3rd monthsary... woot! And counting!

Styling Card:

Skin: *Birth* Jack (New Release)
Pants: Chronokit Military Sarrouel Pants (New Release)
Dogtag: :Rob: Dog tags 'n' Razorblades

LOTD #68 – NEW Rerty, Grasp and Pumpkin

Cap: (Rerty) New R Cap (MESH) *NEW
Vest+Shirt: +grasp+ NylonVest+Shirts/Black (MESH) *NEW
Pants: [Pumpkin] Low jeans (MESH) *NEW
Boots: *REDGRAVE Survivor Boots Cotton (MESH)