I just want you to know who I am………..

Hair: [INK] – Messy hair from Muzousa Hairs Gacha at The Arcade June 2017 (Event opens on 1st June!)

Skin Applier: TABLEAU VIVANT – Eliah Head Applier at Kustom 9 May – June 2017

Body Applier: TABLEAU VIVANT – Tone 5 for Signature Mesh Body at mainstore

Earring: NO.MATCH – No Salvation Earring, L’Homme Magazine SL February 2017 Readers Group Gift.

Necklace: [ KUNST ] – Rusty Cross Necklace at Uber May – June 2017

Cigarette: [ KUNST ] – Unisex Accessories Gacha II, .01 Slim Cigarette Holder RARE at mainstore

Top: GABRIEL – ::GB::Half pants in shirt at Uber May – June 2017

Pants: GABRIEL – ::GB::Suspender half pants at Uber May – June 2017

Puppy: JIAN – Holiday Huskies Gacha, 7. Companion Pup White, at mainstore

Car: HARU MOTORS – HM Jer Maroon 1.00 at mainstore

-NIVARO- Sales Sessions 50% Off! Catwa Beards ‘Rugge’ & Rough’


At the end of every month Nivaro treats customers to an awesome sale.

From Friday to Sunday of the last weekend of the month, one
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This month two Applier Beards 50% Off, Signature, Catwa, Omega.

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Rebel Without A Cause

Rᴇʙᴇʟ Wɪᴛʜᴏᴜᴛ A Cᴀᴜsᴇ

Armani Torelli:

Skin: Stray Dog - Zhao (@Sanarae)
Romper: REIGNxFLITE.- Rompim (@Uber)
Waist Shirt: [Vato Loko] - UNISEX Tied Around Waist  Jacket
Shoes: Urbano - Red Timbs 
Hat: THIRST - Snap Back Cap - Top
Bracelet: FLI. - CC Bracelet - Gold
Watch: FLI. - Nolex Diamond Watch - Gold
Cup: GUTCHI - GCup

Other Notable Items:

Scene: Pseudo - Subway Entrance Scene (RARE)
Car: [Con.] - Winter Wagons (RARE)
Scooter: BUENO - Shining Scooter - Black
Trashbag: ~UrBaN SpIrIt~ - Trash Bag 
Hennessy: STAIN - Henny Bottle
Snacks: [ Focus Poses ] - Snacks

Fuck You All the Time

++ Early in the morning’s when I think about you
I hit you like what you sayin’
And the morning when I wanna fuck you
Yeah, I hit you like what you sayin’
I could fuck you all the time ++

Fuck You All the Time

Fuck You All the Time


Hair – DuoX – John

Skin – Stray Dog – Clint

Hairbase – No. – Mady

Beard – Unorthodox – Noah Facial Hair

Eyes – L’Etre – Real Eyes

Ears – L’Etre – Horn Mesh Ears

Head – CATWA – Stanley @ Ultra

Tattoos – Identity – Hopeless Change @ Signature Event


Jacket – Outlier – Regime Rebellion Jacket @Men Only Monthly

Jeans – notSobad – Waban

Boots – Represent – Tactical Field Boots

Old but Modern

• Scene Deco •
HOUSE. DaD DESIGN "Riverside Cottage" c/m V.1.0 [New Release!!]
TV. MI NO SIGNAL TV [LI 1] [New Release!!]

LAMP. Kalopsia - Dahlia's Hanging Lamp [New Release!!]
JUICE BOTTLE. Kalopsia - Dahlia's Juice Tray [New Release!!]
FRUIT BASKET. Kalopsia - Dahlia's Avocado Basket [New Release!!]
TABLE. Kalopsia - Dahlia's Dinning Table [New Release!!]
SILVER CHAIR. Kalopsia - Dahlia's Metal Chair [New Release!!]
CORAL CHAIR. Kalopsia - Dahlia's Wood Chair - Coral [New Release!!]
YELLOW CHAIR. Kalopsia - Dahlia's Wood Chair - Yellow [New Release!!]
BLUE CHAIR. Kalopsia - Dahlia's Wood Chair - Blue [New Release!!]
STRING LAMPS. floorplan. garden string light curve/5 [New Release!!]

[Shiny Shabby]
STOVE SIGN. [ zerkalo ] Seaside Treasures - Sign [New Release!!]
FRIDGE COAST SIGN. [ zerkalo ] Seaside Treasures - Coast [New Release!!]
FRIDGE SAND SIGN. [ zerkalo ] Seaside Treasures - Sand [New Release!!]
FRIDGE SEA SIGN. [ zerkalo ] Seaside Treasures - Sea [New Release!!]
FLATS. Nutmeg. Not too shabby flats, Nude [New Release!!]
CARRY BAG. Nutmeg. Rattan Tote Carry, Biege [New Release!!]

HANGING KITCHEN UTENSILS. [Merak] - Hanging Utilities [New Release!!]

[Other Items]
COUNTERS. [Tia] Olivia Kitchen - Counters [New Release!!]
KITCHEN UTENSILS. [Tia] Olivia Kitchen - Utensils [New Release!!]
CUTTING BOARDS. [Tia] Olivia Kitchen - Cutting Boards [New Release!!]
TOASTER. [Tia] Olivia Kitchen - Toaster [New Release!!]
KETTLE. [Tia] Olivia Kitchen - Kettle [New Release!!]
JARS. [Tia] Olivia Kitchen - Cookie Jars [New Release!!]
STOVE. [Tia] Olivia Kitchen - Stove [New Release!!]
STOOL. [Tia] Olivia Kitchen - Stool [New Release!!]
FRIDGE. [Tia] Olivia Kitchen - Fridge [New Release!!]
FLOWERS BOX 1. Ariskea [Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box[Decor] [New Group Gift!!]
FLOWERS BOX 2. Ariskea [Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box 1[Decor] [New Group Gift!!]
CURTAINS. Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Curtain with Pole Mod Trans
DOG. Jian Splendid Spaniels 19. Floor Snoozer
BREAD BAG. Serenity Style- Senzation's Bakery Bread Bag REZ

Rise & Shine

 Morsch's Wearing •
HEAD SKIN. Stray Dog - Tysnon Tone 08 [New Release!!]

[Signature Event]
HOODIE. Kalback Casual Hoodie_Grey [New Release!!]

[Other Items]
SHAPE. -EL- Enzo Shape
SNAPBACK. [Shoeminati] Snapback x2 - All Star 16 Blue (Front) [New Release!!]
HAIR BRAIDS. Unorthodox Glitz Braids -- noir [New Release!!]
SHORTS. ::K:: Stripe Beach Shorts Homme(SIGNATURE) Navy [New Release!!]
MUG. :[P]:- Bare Mug [Hold] - Rise and Shine
BODY SKIN. Stray Dog - Gianni Skin - TONE 08 [New Release!!]
POSE. RK Poses Liam 2


Uber is here and it’s almost time for The Arcade!

  • Ivy: YumYum – Vertical Garden
  • Grass: Little Branch – Snakeweed
  • Plants: keke @ Uber –  Aquilegia
  • Table pots: Apple Fall – Design a planter – Shield Terracotta Pot
  • Table Bush: Apple Fall – Design a planter – Buxus Ball, Large
  • Topiary: Apple Fall – Design a planter – Bay Leaf Topiary, 3-Tier
  • Dining Set: keke @ Uber – Sommer Dining
    •  simple dining table, retro chair,  simple tableware,  simple kitchen clutter. bowls
  • Lounger: Ariskea @ Arcade – [Namaste] – Lounger (gacha) (starts June 1st)
  • Chair: Ariskea@ Arcade – [Namaste] – Chair Lounge (gacha) (starts June 1st)
  • Buddha: Ariskea@ Arcade – [Namaste] – Mossy Buddha (RARE gacha) (starts June 1st)
  • Gong: Ariskea@ Arcade – [Namaste] – Gong (with sound) (gacha) (starts June 1st)
  • Lights: Pixel Mode – Fall Harvest – Hanging Log Lights
  • Build: Trompe Loeil @ Uber – Chiara Pool Pavilion

Look # 158

📸  ^.^ Ayashi ^.^
** Hiroshi hair -Exclusive item- MEN ONLY MONTHLY
📸  Avenge
** Boston Terrier Puppies -Exclusive item- THE CROSSROADS EVENTS
Gacha contains 18 Puppies: 10 Common, 4 Rare amd 4 Ultra Rare
📸 A&D Clothing
**Shoes - Seattle 
Versions: Classic avatars, Slink, TMP and Signature
>> Marketplace>> 
📸 7 Deadly s[K]ins
**Omega HEAD applier - DEVAN SMOKED v1
**Omega BODY Applier - TRAIL V1 Smoked
**Slink Male body HUD Smoked TRAIL v1
>> Marketplace>> 
📸 Mr Ronnie
**Beard Matthew
Compatible with Catwa, Signature and Omega
>> Marketplace>> 
📸 Make&Moda
**Polo male Shirt
Versions: Classic, Belleza, Slink, TMP, Aesthetic and Signature
>> Marketplace>> 

Freedom Of…Is My Expression

Putting square pegs in round holes is a hobby of mine.
The virtual offers such a wide range of tools for a person to express themselves. Must be one of the reasons it is so popular. Where else can you meet a feral furry, and blood doll at the same event? I like to think that my actual personality comes out through my avatar. There is no sense in hiding that part of myself. Three areas that I really get to express myself in Second Life is through music, fashion, and photography.
I DJ in world. I know about half of you just rolled your pretty mesh eyes at that statement...I mean who ISN'T a DJ in Second Life? Stay with me. Back in the glorious 80's, and early 90's, I was the one DJing those illegal raves. I was also the one passing out that good X from the 80's too, but that is another story. My mind works in a strange way, and it is why I started working with the Abelton Suite early on. I see musical notes in colors inside my brain. This makes the chore of mash ups much easier for someone like me. When I hear it, I can see what might fit. I will sit in my little studio and put it together, and if I can't get it just right...I pull out a guitar, keyboard, or drum machine to make it work. Sampling and Midi Controllers are a beautiful thing. If I can shove the Beastie Boys and Ray Charles together into something danceable, it was a good day.
Fashion is a mash up in my eyes. Designers work hard to put out an ensemble that works together, or an accessory that is geared to a certain gender. I don't see those guidelines. If I see something I like...by damn I am going to buy it and figure out how to make it work. I don't have fancy software to tell me if something goes together well. I do have photography that I can express my fashion choices. Love it, hate it, or indifference...you will still look. It is my expression, freedom, and my choice. ♥

1404 TYSON